MOV Butterfly Valves

Our brand name in the market is notable for manufacturing, supplying, and exporting MOV Butterfly Valves. The MOV is known as Motor Operated Valve that is a critical thing of the Plant and Piping framework. These valves are generally of large extensive sizes that are used for various applications, for example, pump release. Engine Operated butterfly valves are frequently cancelled as on valves as the engines fill the need of completely opening or completely shutting valves in pipelines. Assist in cooling water lines, process pipelines where controlling of liquid is not required, the engine worked valves can be utilized to completely permit or completely stop the liquid stream. These valves are not utilized for throttling purposes as they serve fundamentally on-off service application.

Offered MOV butterfly valves excess other customary valves, for example, door valve and globe valves in all viewpoints, particularly as far as lightweight, less number of segment, no rib gaskets required and practical operation and upkeep costs. 4Matic Global Valves plan flangeless sandwich sort butterfly valves body situate instrument has low torque, tight close off with zero spillage, smaller actuator determination, and long life smooth simple operation. Our offered butterfly valves are made at zero spillage concentric plate butterfly valve with an assortment of elastomeric elastic seat to suit different modern applications.

MOV Butterfly Valves Suplier

Features of MOV Butterfly Valves

  • High torque Capacity
  • Adjustable Travel Stops
  • Metallic Compact Housing
  • Minimum Friction
  • Maintenance Ease

Applications of MOV Butterfly Valves

  • Hygienic Powder and Slurries
  • Chemical and Dyeing Fluids in Textile Processing
  • Brine Waters and Oils
Stream Lines: Air / Gas Lines / Vaccum

Note: If there is a need for MOV Butterfly Valves, you have a question on, or if you do not see a valve that meets your specifications, please contact us for immediate assistance.