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About Us

AIRA 4MATIC VALVE AUTOMATION is a USA established names as a manufacturer of industrial valves, which provides solutions to diverse industries including chemical, oil, textiles and other related industries. The worry for conveying quality mechanical valves has helped us to check our name in this focused business showcase. Since the establishment of our organization we are leading manufacturing specialist in butterfly valves.

Our organization is always conceptualizing clients' thoughts into reality by utilizing our skill with most recent innovation. We likewise accentuation on the routinely up degree of our generation framework to adjust most recent specialized progressions. Our experts are occupied with growing new and imaginative generation procedures. This aide in living up to our customers' desires regarding quality, assortment, cost effectiveness and others. We seek to be the innovator and pioneer in valves and valve automation products taking into account worldwide businesses. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, from UL-DQS.

We are serving and providing valve automation solutions for a wide spectrum of worldwide industries, namely – Chemical, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace, Breweries, Offshore, Mining, Food and Beverages, Drainage Treatment, Water Management, HVAC, Marine, and Slurry Fluids Management.

Our engineering and manufacturing office in Cary IL, is developed to design and produce tweaked valve mechanization arrangements. 4MATIC expects to offer finish deals and administration support toward the North American and South American markets. With a view to grow its quality over the globe 4MATIC additionally set up an Indian backup for benefit bolster over the Asian markets.


All our valves are manufactured by Aira 4Matic Automation that are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship, when used within the range recommended, for a period of one year from shipment. We take utmost care before the dispatch of the product, if the product is found defective, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


Aira 4matic's group of expert design and manufacturing engineers endeavor to grow new features and persistently enhance design into all Aira products. Development is the way to Aira's accomplishment in the wildly aggressive valve advertise and our designers are required to always consider new manufacturing procedures and methodology and extend their base of learning. The constant push for more up to date and unrivaled assembling strategies guarantees the customers for long haul authority positions.

Why Choose US?

Aira 4Matic's reasoning is to remain established in high item quality and legit, incite client benefit. Aira reliably makes progress toward magnificence in items and individuals, and strive's to surpass client's desires.

  • Always Expanding Product Line
  • Utilizing Leading Edge Technology and Equipment for Superior Design and Performance
  • Driving the Reputation and Quality of the Aira Brand
  • Always Striving to Provide Higher Quality and Greater Customer Service